Monday, August 16, 2010

canal trail

With my saddle fitting better, I took Major out on a nice ride. I wanted to keep it pretty slow, and did some warm up in the arena first. He was ready to leave the arena after about two minutes, but we worked for almost 20 minutes, and need to do that more often! I find that I get unsure in the arena, if I am asking for things correctly, etc. We worked on bending, and we both need a lot of work on that! I was occasionally frustrated, I am sure Major was as well, so after a few final good moments we left for the trail.

I had a mini-plan, which was abandoned when I saw that some of the canal trail has been revealed. This trail parallels Folsom Lake right along the shore. When the water level is high, most of the trail is under water. I saw some people down on the lower trail, and took the upper trail to Beeks Bight, where I thought I'd catch the lower trail for the way back.turning for the lower trial, I heard some dogs barking and yelling. Coming up the hill, I saw a horse trotting away, and a couple holding their dogs by the collar. One asked if there were more horses coming, and I politely said that horses often will be coming through the area. I also asked them to be careful, and that Folsom Lake regulations say that dogs need to be on leash. I don't like confrontation, so I truly said this in a very nice manner. I got a tirade screamed at me! How I need to control my 1000 pound animal (who was walking calmly along), how dogs need to be able to swim off leash, and more. I just kept riding, did not need to get in arguments or dignify any bad behavior.

It did rattle me though. I am completely willing to share the trails, but loose dogs have already caused many accidents in the area. Most horses I know are OK with dogs, but not when they are running at them threatening to bite! I hate avoiding an area, but I may for now.

I kept riding along the lake, managing to get in an awkward rocky place when the trail disappeared. I hopped off and let Major pick his way down, what a good boy! The lake is still pretty high, and we finally did get to a very muddy, boggy area filled with big logs and sticks. I saw hoofprints going across, but neither Major or I wanted to chance it. Headed home the usual way, did a bit more exploring, and had a good time. We were both glad to be out, and back on the trails with our better-fitting saddle!

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