Thursday, November 23, 2017


I almost forgot to be thankful the other night. Maybe because I had to ride home in the dark with only one intact pant leg…

Fitting in a desperate ride after work, Major and I shoved our way through the overgrown trail and up Barking Dog Hill, and as I ducked to avoid large branch, I didn’t see the one sticking out at saddle level…and stabbed my pants!

Guess the first reaction:
A: Oww, that really hurt!
B. Damn, these are my favorite pants!
C. Damn Major, why’d you let me do that?
pants sadness

 (It was definitely B, I loved those tights. I'm determined to try and fix them.)

No use in turning around, I continued down to the lake, where it got dark more quickly than I had thought. Stupid Daylight not-savings time. Our side of the lake was dark and in shadow, the golden sun was just leaving the far side. I was feeling desperate, no extra miles today, I wasn't prepared for a night ride.

worth it

Then I took a breath. And Major just stood there. And we looked across the lake. He put his head down to graze on the new green grass emerging from the dirt that had been patiently beneath the water for months. And we rode home quietly (though my leg was a bit cold).

So in the last week I've reworked my darkness anxiety. And found that hiking with Major is still satisfying. Rides with friends and peanut-butter sandwiches are perfect. Weekend trails in fall sunshine are wonderful (even when your horse is being a dragon). And green-glowing paths are delicious (and so are mandarin milkshakes).

Major sees all the food!

buddies patiently waiting

epic views

mandarin deliciousness (worth the cold hands!)

I just needed some transition time. There will be time enough for more adventures, but now I am reminded to be thankful for friends and family, books and fireplaces, short trail rides and warm mashes. And yes, every year I do the same thing to myself being anxious about the season. Maybe one day I'll remember (and also come home with intact pants.)

be thankful and feed me

fall sunset…before 5pm (sob!)

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