Friday, December 15, 2017

conversations with major: crazytown

You’re certainly full of it Major.
I know!
Why all the prancing dude? We're just heading down the road right now.
It's cool out, and I'm cool too, let's go!
Oh boy, I think I'm in for it today.

crazy hair day

Lets find it!
Find what?
I have no idea what you're talking about, you need to chill.
If I go super fast, we can get there.
Um, no, let's pay attention to the slippery trail in the shade.
It's dry here, run!

I've got my naughty ears on

the last of the fall leaves

Major, we need to slow for runners. 
But they're running.
Nope, we slow for hikers, and that upcoming Scout Troop too.
But they're on the side.
Doesn't matter, blasting by is rude.
I only did it once, to the runner way on the side.
Don't care, you weren't listening, it's not acceptable behavior.
trails getting green with first winter ferns
happy ferns frolic too!

Maybe it's up here Major!
It is? Let's go! 
Oh, too bad, not here at the top of the hill. Go back down.
We'll find it, I'm sure.
Let's look again from the top of the hill.
OK, let's go!
Gee, not here again.
Wait, I just went up and down the hill three times. There was no Crazytown. That was tricky.
Sorry not sorry buddy.

Glad we survived that one, what got into you?
The search for Crazytown, I'm sad we didn't find it.
Sorry buddy, will this rice bran help with that painful sorrow?
Oh, yes, for sure!
You could keep it in the pan dude.
I'm still a little sad.
Why now?
My pan is empty.

I love this tree

sadness is an empty mash pan…with a hoof in it

I've heard of another place to visit!
What's that? The dam site, the river?
No Major, just, no.


  1. Oh - I think Crazytown is over here on the other coast right now - that might be why you and Major couldn't find it. Pretty sure - first cold weather airs above the ground with bucking horse butt aimed at the human...

    Are those a lot of lick marks on the mat around his pan lol?

    1. Ha! Yes, Crazytown seems to be everywhere this time of year.

      Yes, they're lick marks. There is no photo of that embarrassing act. Major is very special, can't let the rice bran mash go to waste.

  2. Val is also a member of the clean plate club 😆