Monday, November 6, 2017

old friends

I visited some old friends this week. I hadn't seen them since last summer, and boy have they changed! They had moved I think, for I found them harder to find. And they'd let themselves go a bit, but no one else had come to visit, so I understood.

They were still the amazing, adventurous type I remember. But I was a little saddened that no one else had visited, so I'm hoping to remedy that…with some pruners.

I'd originally I set off on a ride with no intentions, but after deciding to navigate the mess that was Stabby Hill (the bushes and trees are so tight they stab you) I decided to make visiting my old friends the goal.

Sacrifice rock

favorite wiggly branch
what's your sign trail

elephant rock

The trails are overgrown, but I missed some of those rocks, trees and vistas.  Major was game for it, maybe a little too much. He will put his head down and push his way through trees and shrubbery, but I have to fit too! So there was ducking and scratches and cursing, but the views were worth it.

Circle Tree (you can practice riding in circles around it, great for misbehaving horses)

Inspiration Point (much cursing needed to get here though)

Three Oak Knoll

Mystery Trail comes out at Enchanted Forest (not so enchanted right now, but in spring it is amazing!)

There used to be many more riders who used these trails, and knew the lesser known paths. Many landmarks were named by these earlier riders, and it is fun to remember that. But people have moved on, trees have fallen, the weeds have grown up. Some trails were harder to find (Mystery Trail has almost disappeared, and Major also tends to misbehave on this trail, so maybe I'll change the name to Misbehavior Trail). I truly was the first person this year on some of these lovely, unused trails.

dinosaur back

bread rock (everyone on these trails knows this one though!)

very large, slick rock, rarely traveled
But I hope I'm not the last. I'll keep riding the forgotten trails, compressing the overgrown grass, and I'll be back with some pruners, to help others find the way.

this pinnacle doesn't have a name, I can only think of naughty things...any got a better idea?


  1. OH but that golden lighting! How gorgeous.

  2. I loved seeing the old landmarks. Nice pictures. Too bad the trails are so overgrown.