Wednesday, November 1, 2017

long shadows

(Thank you everyone for you kind thoughts about my home area fires last blog. The fires are out, the rebuilding will begin, but it is with such a great sense of loss.)

shadows at the lake
The days of long shadows are here, and the light is golden, glowing in the short evening. We head out in disappearing sunlight and then cast shadows on the now-open lake trail. The trail was hard hit this winter, and just has been exposed by the receding lake. Amazingly, a work crew cleared the largest debris sections, and I've gotten off to move a log or two myself. The Quartz Hill access is even more rocky than before, since the rain and waves of last winter washed away more dirt. And there is one large log that has some people stymied, but we've been able to just step over (yeah for versatile trail horses!).

a quiet photo: the ride was not!

Quartz Hill, sadly no gold was found in these rocks

lake trail gully
 The lake trail feels like a race track in comparison to our usual trails: sand and rocks and swooping corners, coming around the bend to an exciting flock of geese! There have also been a few memorable whoa dammit moments, when Major remembers how much crazy fun he can have while trotting along. But it's been a welcome break from months of technical trails, for us both!

"my" rock is exposed!

I can barely fit in a loop ride down to the lake this week after work, just enough daylight. We come home with the setting sun (and Major behaves like he's going to turn back into a mouse if we don't get home by dark/dinner). Next week after the time change it will be dark, but that is what glow sticks and backup flashlights are for. And also for taking it easy, bareback rides and short hikes, and sometimes hiding from the rain.

last of summer's leaves

golden view

golden hike
Please remove your Halloween costume from me, I am not a Guardian of the Galaxy!

A new season, with different goals. And the rides might be shorter, the trail muddier, with warmer clothing, but the trails still beckon. And for as long as I can, I'll defy the gathering dark, and ride anyway.



  1. You make me wanna live in California. No one else ever has.

    I love your comfy-looking bridle (ear freedom!) but mostly Major's elegant ears. And his sense of humor. I'm looking forward to the day when I've got the bond you two have now.

  2. It is lovely here, except for the fires, and floods last year, and potential for earthquakes...but everywhere on earth has problems, I'll take the scenic option I have for now!

    Major loves his no-brow halter bridle, freedom for his overly large ears (elegant, why thank you!). We do have a good bond, though it's like an old married couple: we certainly don't always get along, and often seriously disagree, but in the end still love spending time together...

  3. He's always such a character <3

    I hope your trail rides are all wonderful and the dark doesn't take them over too much. Wishing you many fun miles this winter.

    1. Thanks. The winter won't be many miles, but I can't stay off the trail for long.

  4. Glad to see “your” rock made it thru last winter.

    1. I thought the same thing when I saw it! So glad you named my rock...

  5. Your trails look very challenging in comparison to ours - we don't have a single butt-building hill even. I like the no brow on Major - his face is so handsome it's nice to see more of it.

    1. The lake trail is our easy trail, but yes, all our other trails are essentially technical singletrack. It is truly a mental break to ride on something that dones't require as much thinking about footing, ducking, etc!