Tuesday, April 26, 2016

other evenings

It was light outside last night until 8:15! I could still see a little bit in the twilight, True, I was mowing the lawn…but there are other non-riding evening adventures (and I don't mean trips to the grocery store). So many trails to explore now that the light has returned!

fivespot wildflower in the last of the light

When riding there are a lot of trails that are just too small or steep for horses, that I look at and think "that would be fun to explore." So I did. This evening the trail crosses No Hands Bridge, but then drops down to parallel the river, definitely too small and tight to be a horse trail!

river reflects

It isn't an official trail, just one that over the years many feet have made while going down to the river on warmer evenings than this. Tonight the trail was empty, the wildflowers closed up, busy bees asleep, the canyon in shadows long before the sun sets.

pine blossom
deceptively still

But the river was alive. Eddies and currents pulsing just below a deceptively calm surface. There have sadly already been two drownings this year, from deadly cold and swift currents. I'll take my view from the banks for now, and at a time when I have the river to myself.

downstream eddies

same river bend, upstream view
no nudes today!

Higher up on the Western States trail, the horses cross Calcutta Falls. I found where it joins the river, not quite as striking as a 20-foot waterfall, but much more peaceful.

mini Calcutta falls

Back across the bridge, no one else on trail, the last of the light toasts the hilltops above. Soon there will be even more daylight, and more people will be out as it gets warmer and the river beckons. But I'll enjoy this quiet, twilight time for myself.

evening No Hands bridge

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