Friday, April 22, 2016


Let's go, get it done, don't waste time! So often I'm in a hurry to wherever I am going, whatever I am doing. I am caught up in this habit, even if I have nothing immediately ahead. But sometimes I get smart and remember to re-evaluate priorities…

So I took a step back. Major seems healed from his previous injury. But I have no need to step right back into training. The April ride I was hoping to go to was cancelled. May rides are out due to scheduling or distance (and the money it takes to get there!) Mid-June is our soonest chance. And that is far enough away that I don't need to be doing 15–20 mile weekends.

love the rain-flattened grasses

forest king

So we've gone out on quiet evenings down to Rattlesnake Bar at the lake, where the footing was too squishy but the grass was long and green. And the bugs were about!

squishy grass as the lake rises
Arghh, bug in my ear!

And we've taken out a friend with a young horse for a confidence ride.

Major, trying to patiently wait for his friend to catch up. Trying.

And we've taken the upper trail through the rocks, and remembered why we hate the upper trail through the rocks!

And we've ridden along the shore of the lake, quickly filling and overwhelming the lower trail. Juxtaposed with a photo from October of last year, it's hard to believe it is this full before the snow melt starts filling it even more!

the canal wall (we call it Hadrian's Wall) covered in water

similar photo site from October, such a nice difference now!

It has taken a lot of discussions with Major to take it easy. Easy is not something he likes. Easy is not particularly fun. He is full speed ahead (except for first leaving home, that is feet-dragging annoying). But I think it is good for us both. Major has enjoyed the green grass while it lasts (and his Spring nickname, the Chubby Wonder). I know I've enjoyed the scenery a bit more. I never really thought about how easy could be so hard, but I like what I'm learning.


  1. I don't know where exactly you are in California, but I promise you we will come visit you next time we're in the area. My man has always been jealous of me that I found a geocache in CA when I worked in Redwood Shores, so he's super motivated, and if we don't end up there...

    You will have a place in central-west Germany when you can possibly make the trip - we'll host you, if you don't mind being out in the sticks. Which I think you won't, and we'll show you the Cologne cathedral and other cultural stuff as well, if you like.

  2. yes! Come visit and ride the Tevis trails (Auburn, CA). I know there are many geo-caches around, a friend used to hide them and mention as we rode by "There's a cache in there..."

    I'd love to make it to Germany, too many great places to visit, so little!

  3. You are coming to Germany? When, where?
    I like the peace of this post. That's what I also have to do right now: One step back and take a deep breath, so my little upset herd can breath with me: Slowly in and out ...

    1. I'd love to visit Germany sometime, especially because I "know" two great bloggers there (yes, you)! But not anytime soon, too much work and not enough vacation...