Tuesday, May 3, 2016

conversations with major: release the kraken!

You've been so good Major, let's go out for a little ride and maybe even do some conditioning trotting?
I'm ready!
I know it's a little windy but it should be fine.
Are you sure? I'm not sure I can behave. 
I couldn't hear you, what was that you said?
Nothing. Never mind.

up rocky red dirt hill

past dinosaur rock

Let's go up red dirt hill and over past dinosaur rock.
Oh, so much grass! 
Yes, you can stop here.
Mmmm, damp grass, my favorite.
OK, move on.

mmmm, so grassy

my windblown look

The lake, the lake, let's go to the lake!
Yes, we're walking down there.
I'm so glad the lake is back, splashing is awesome!
OK, let's keep it not so splashy.

so much splashy fun!

OK, time to turn back now.
Look, I think I see it.
What's that.
Release the Kraken!
What has gotten into you?
I'm the Kraken! Going home! Wow, going home!
Knock it off.
Full steam ahead!
Slow it down buddy.
Enter the dragon!
OK, yeah, that's it.

the Kraken!
Knock it off! Circle, back up, listen!
Ok, Ok, now, I'm good mom.
Are you sure?
Walk on.
Engage! Make it so! Rocketship!
Oh boy Major, we have a long way back.
I can make it shorter by going super fast!
I disagree. You're way too naughty.

Now, WALK up this hill, that's hard.
Woah, stand here. What has gotten into you?
Kraken, windy, silly, fun!
There is not a Kraken. YOU are not a Kraken monster.
I'm a horse monster!
Yes, you are today for sure.

we are the Kraken!

Ok, we're back, arena time!
I hate this mom, it's so boring in here.
Misbehavior needs to be addressed. Lets see if you'll behave: canter, trot, circle, stop.
Yes, no problem, see I can do this!
But not on trail?
It's too exciting out there today!

Major that was a fairly spaztastic ride.
Thank you.
Not a compliment.
That's what you say.
But you're a hot mess, so time to be hosed off.
No, not the hose, I hate the hose.
Again, you were IN the lake, splashing, with an apparent Kraken.
That's different.
Nope, you're getting wet, stop dancing around.

I'm fine, I don't need a bath

I'm not even looking at you with the hose
Ok, here you go, go play.
Oh yeah, rolling!
In the grass, not the dirt!
I'm rolling with my homies. That's my new tune.
Sounds like a good one Major.
Yeah, I'm a good one.
Yes, you still are.

going off to roll!

rollin' with my homies


  1. Love the pretty lake views. Major is such a handsome boy!

  2. You are very great in emphasizing Majors view. May be I should try this with Pepe in his current situation ...