Monday, April 11, 2016


The trails are delicious right now. A smorgasbord of beautiful, knee-high grasses, all available for the munching. IF Major keeps his feet moving.

oak trees bursting into leaf

I've spent the last 5+ years trying to get this horse to eat and walk at the same time. It seems a foreign concept. He surely would never make it in the wild. But this time of year, the grass is calling, and I can get him to try and improve his multi-tasking skills.

brilliant (delicious) green grasses

Most people try to keep their horse from eating on trail. But I want him to be relaxed enough to grab a bit as we're walking along. He'll stop and eat no problem. But I want those feet to keep moving.

trail snaking along

So we headed out down to the lake, to see if the trail was under water and just meander. Brilliant green grass, blue skies, light breeze, lapping water, warm horse: not much is better.

surrounded by deliciousness!

And Major did his best to stop and eat. And every time I moved him on. After a bit he seemed to get it, and would snatch a bit and keep his feet moving…progress!

water getting higher and more driftwood
driftwood…christmas tree? Major plays in the water

Major would eat himself sick if allowed to stand in one place for too long. Just like Templeton the rat in the animated movie Charlotte's Web, as he gorges at the fair smorgasbord!

Major thinks this guy is suspicious, he never moves!

As we headed home, he gave the realtor sign an evil eye (the first time he saw it he was spooked by the big realtor face!). Notice he has a mouthful of grass at the same time! He did get to stop and eat after the ride. The smorgasbord, and ride, was short, but filling enough.

mine, all mine…yum.


  1. Eating while walking, I think its not something to learn: Point and Pepe can do it, Moritz never. And I try to teach him also for years and he has good examples!

    1. Funny, and good to know! Maybe he was just born grazing-deficient!

  2. Major can have some of my guy's skill - he'll grab bites from trees as we're trotting and even cantering along, it gets a little nerve wracking :)

  3. Barely under saddle Apache snatched a bite and walked without missing a beat his 2nd ride! Kenot is more of the Sudden Detour into grass and yank head Down type ;)

    1. good boy Apache! Kenny, that is very naughty. Major will rarely do the second, but sometimes the temptation is too great...

  4. The trail along the lake is absolutely breath taking.

    1. Yes, we all love it. As of today it is under water though, and will stay that way till fall! The only downside to getting almost our normal rainfall...

  5. What beautiful trails, I always seem to be jealous of where other people ride- no matter where I am haha

    And thank you for the comment on my last blog entry btw <3