Friday, May 29, 2015

take me to the river

Major loves water. And it is even better when it is splashy! Another boarder sent me this photo of Major playing in his water. I couldn't deny him, so we took a quick trip out to the lake. The water level is dropping quickly, but there are still some safe areas to play, and scare the geese with their babies.

sparkly water

geese and babies float away while we watch

cool teepee, not scary

a shiny pinwheel on top, still not scary

this teepee, however, was very suspicious

I like playing in the water too, so headed for the river on Memorial day. This portion of the river is the south fork of the American River, which is a huge destination for beginning rafting trips. On this day the powers that be raised the water levels, so the hordes of rafters could have a good time.

lazy portion of the south fork

sunflower must be tasty to this skipper

some type of statice plant, could not ID

blackberry blooms, can't wait for the fruit!
On the easy hike along the river I was amazed at all the wildflowers still blooming. Even this much drier season has plenty of flowers. The usual beach we like to go to (it's our secret spot) was almost covered with the rising water, but high ground had enough room for a towel and backpack, just right.

our usual beach, mostly under water!

underwater flowers are good indicators of the higher water level
It is fun at this spot on the river to watch the rafting groups go by: all types. It is the most basic of guided rafting, with lots of beginners, and there were boats of excited kids and families, teenagers being silly and tourists clutching their paddles tightly. Everyone having fun. I sit back and watch, read a good book, eat a delicious deli sandwich, swim a bit in the very cold water, and just enjoy a nice retreat.

a rafting company supply boat goes through this small rapid

green trail home

beautiful, but non-native, rose campion

this scary caterpillar becomes a beautiful black pipevine swallowtail

a harmless flower longhorn beetle enjoys a pollen snack on white brodiaea

ubiquitous california poppy

huge oak guards the edge of the forest

But eventually it is time to go home. This trail is a nice little loop, so back through some shady rocky trail to an open hillside covered in grasses. The cool water is almost forgotten by the time we are back at the hot car. But this is just the first of many river trips this season: the river beckons.

harvest brodiaea stands tall in grassy field


  1. I am such a water baby.. love playing in rivers, lakes. The higher levels of water must be such a treat for you. Glad you got to go play in it!

    1. It's always a delimma in the summer to ride or go to the river!

  2. I'm a total water baby, too. We don't have rafting on our rivers but one has tubing and during the summer the powers that be raise the water levels so the tubers can have their drunken fun.

    1. I think we all need to go swimming now! The lower portion of these rivers is mellow enough for tubing...I stay away from that drunken silliness!

  3. I adore your posts and after reading always wants to go out and ride and ride and ride. In my hometown is a small river were I can bath with my ponies. I'm looking forward for the summertime, right now the water is freezing cold. And in contrast to your water level, our river is okay or going crazy and flooding our house ...

    1. I'm so glad you are inspired to ride! Our rivers previously would often flood in winter, but 4 years of drought has changed all the dynamics. Hope you don't have any more flooding!