Tuesday, May 26, 2015

return of the nemesis

Life has been busy, but not a lot of fun. I spent a few days hurriedly packing our work offices with little notice, and squeezed in a few local rides. Major and I have been mainly tooling around the forest and lake trail, getting in a couple shorter fast rides, and some meandering too. It was fine, but not that interesting.

I almost fit in the packing box while my co-worker helps.

outflow from the power turbine into what should be the lake, now a creek

Major has a bad hair day

So when the chance came to do a longer ride on new trails with an old friend, I jumped on it! Even if it meant trailering the nasty canyon. Down, down, down the canyon we went, and up the other side to a very nice gated horse community. We met up with my friend B and Major's old nemesis, Ziggy. (Backstory: A few years ago B got Ziggy, who was a bit of a wild-child. And Major was so good being a babysitter horse, we'd take them out together. Major got so fed up with Ziggy bumping into his butt and being annoying that he actually kicked him! Now, I do not allow this type of behavior, but we now know that Ziggy brings out the worst in him, so keep a safe distance!)

We were joined by another cute horse and owner pair, Gabe and D, and started down the trail. The trail goes out of the neighborhood and down, down the canyon. We were traveling at a good pace and I took almost no photos, having fun and trotting along. Down a couple thousand feet, then along the more familiar river and quarry trail, till we were at No Hands Bridge. But the wrong way! We didn't just have four miles back up to the top to go, we had 11 miles back the other direction. I could tell Major was a bit confused.

No Hands but NOT heading home this time!

handsome Ziggy, not so naughty

Major tells Gabe "This is the rock plaque to be afraid of!" Gabe complies.

But Major wasn't confused for long: as we headed back he was on fire. I kept him to a dull roar, as his trot-of-choice was too fast for the others. Wild-child Ziggy was much more well behaved than hot-headed Major, a reversal of personalities. A quick stop at the river, then back up the canyon, a great ride for some elevation!

maybe those ears are because Ziggy is behind us...

where are my best friends? I still can't see them!

Back at the trailer Major was now completely distracted by the fact his new best friends were over in their area and not where he could see them. But he managed to eat some mash and smear it all over the trailer too. He looked chipper, and I threatened to just take him out again if he didn't knock it off, but he loaded nicely and we headed home.

It was fun to ride a partly new-to-me trail, to catch up with old friends and ride with new folks too. And to see that Major was none the worse for wear after 22 miles, even after only casual rides since our LD completion. There are an almost unlimited amount of trails within an hour's drive, Major and I need to get out an explore more, and take advantage of how lucky we are.

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  1. The pic of Gabe and Major at the plaque is priceless :)