Monday, May 11, 2015

conversations with Major: birthday

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Because I am awesome!
Happy Birthday to me!

I guess you remembered what today is.
My birthday!
That was a nice song Major.
I am special, it's my birthday!
Everyone has a birthday Major.
But mine is the best one!
OK, let's go for a ride.
Let's go, let's go.
You're impatient today.
It's MY day, let's go!

Seeing stuff, seeing stuff, I see stuff!
Yes, the forest is pretty today.
Look, an owl!
Wow, he flew right over. The other riders on the parallel trail must have disturbed him. Neat.
Turkey babies, let's chase them!
No Major, we don't chase the babies. And there is Mama turkey, let her find the babies.
Let's go, let's go!
Be patient, we're going somewhere fun.
Oh boy!

Oooh, the lake, I love the lake.
I know, this is just an easy play day.
Splash, splash, snorkeling, snort.
Getting in a little deep here Major.
Nope, this is good, I can splash, oh, this is fun, splash, splash...
Ok, that's enough now, you're going to lay down!
But it's my birthday!
Nope, let's keep walking.

Look, a weird thing!
Just a stump. I think it looks like an elephant with wings taking a rest on the shore.
You're weird.
You're the one who thought it was suspicious!
Look out there! Hey cormorant, it's my birthday!
I think he is far away and doesn't care.
He should, it's my birthday!

hey cormorant!

determined lupine
Ok, Let's go home.
Fast, quick, like last weekend!
No, maybe a little slower.
But I can go so fast!
Yes, I know.
I can go ludicrous speed!
We don't need that, and when did you see that movie?*
Oh no, I've gone to plaid!
You're ridiculous, slow down, we're almost home.

please get it off
going to my party!

Now, put this on.
Oh no, I hate the hat.
It's your birthday, you have to wear the hat. Let's go to your party.
My party? Where is my party? What is there?
You'll see.

all I've ever wanted! What, I have to share!?
Carrots, oh boy, carrots.
Happy Birthday Major!
Carrots and the lake, this is a good day.
Yes it is. Happy 12th birthday.

*Ludicrous speed and gone to plaid: if you don't know the Spaceballs movie reference, you must watch this clip at least!


  1. Happy birhday, Major.

    Funny. I enjoyed the conversation so much I had to read it to my mom. She's 80 and got a kick out of like I did. Thank you for the smile and chuckle.

  2. Happy Birthday Major- hope you enjoyed your carrots.. and you look very dashing in that hat!

  3. Happy birthday Major! You have a secret laptop in the barn where you watch movies, don't you? Must be hard to work the touchpad with hooves, tho.

  4. You are tooo funny! Love this post. Happy birthday Major!

    Shoot me an email back regarding getting together for hooves/boots when convenient. :)

  5. Great post! Looks like your boy had a Great birthday! How long have you owned him?