Monday, April 28, 2014

lovely, but not the same

Walking down the Peregrine Trail a few other flowers tried to catch my attention.

twining snake lily crawling up poison oak

wild honeysuckle
But I was on a mission: a twilight walk to see the purple fields of amazing lupine again this year.

shadows creeping over the field

pano across lake, fields of lupine on the other side too

twilight trail

The hike was lovely, but it's not the same, as I didn't have the good view between the ears! Though I was able to get up close to a few lovely flowers, and a couple of beasts too.

lupine: other colors are available

old irrigation canal wall still stands

this big guy was crossing the trail and almost got squished!

tons of fuzzy caterpillars this year

Later I paid some attention to Major, who was more interested in the fact the irrigation wheelbarrow had some leftover snacks on the bottom.

He got to snack, and I made a wish soon to be back on the trail, maybe with a view of lupine from between brown ears.


  1. Stunning photos! Thank you for sharing your lovely hike with us. :)

  2. love love love your pictures- Springtime in California!! Happy that Major is a sound and happy boy again. I had no idea Lupine came in other color.. so beautiful!

    1. Thanks! The other color doesn't show up as often (the 2-tone is lovely), there is also a pure yellow. I wonder what other regions have?