Friday, May 2, 2014

best. view. ever.

I know most will agree with me, the view from between happy ears is the best. Even if the view is a mud puddle, or a gravel road, but even better a lupine-covered trail along a lake. On a sound non-broken horse!

even mud puddles look good
even the meadow with dead car (right) and power lines (left) looks good

Major and I are back on the trail, he's totally full of it after three weeks off, but I'm not complaining (yet!). We headed out with C and Friday for a glorious evening ride. It was an unseasonably warm 90 degrees, but once along the cooler lake we just enjoyed the view. And even got to see a bald eagle soar overhead, a rarity for this area!

lupine glow

"my" rock isn't underwater yet!

just wow. so pretty. (lupine and bay ears both!)

We did try booting all four for the first time. My super ancient very first pair of Renegades are the only ones that are the correct size. And even through crashing over rocks (yes, pay attention Major), rutted trails and serious speed we had no issues! Love that. 

poppies, lupine and vetch carpet this field

gravel road home is even good, except for the mosquitos

We ventured home, through a lupine/poppy/vetch filled meadow, past the low area with hordes of mosquitos, though quickly disappearing puddles with enough daylight left for the horses to get a bath before dinner. Appreciated the weather, the flowers, the water, the trail, the company, and the horse. Best. View. Ever.


  1. HURRAH!!! So very glad to read this.

  2. The very best view – and the lupines are fantastic!

  3. YES!!!!! So happy to read this post.

    Oh no! your boots don't fit? Are his feet getting bigger?

    So now that you know that it was an abscess and not something musculoskeletal are you reevluating your ride season and doing a ride soon? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

    1. Front boots are great, we've NEVER worn back boots, a couple thousand miles, But now I'm a paranoid helicopter parent so am trying it out. I wasn't sure how he'd move with them, if the fit was right, but he did great. He fits the old non-cutback 0's, I'll need to get with you to order some new something for his back feet! But the old ones did work great on the ride, I love that I can replace worn out parts and they're still totally usable.

      Hoping to do a ride in June, I can't afford anything out of state or far away, so tentatively planning for Wild West.

  4. She's doing Wild West - for sure, I'm sure!

  5. Best view ever, for sure. So happy for you, my friend! And ooh, I'm sort of thinking about Wild West too...

    1. Wild West has great trails, almost all single track. Parking is awful, but having a small rig is helpful. Hope you come!