Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Loney Meadow Camping

Finally, camping at Loney Meadows! My friend C and I have been trying to do this for four years! Year one: she got sick. Year two: A crazy snow year and everything still buried. Year three: Major got a splint the two weeks before and needed rest. this year was it!

We were still concerned something would happen. But instead we had a great trip, mostly uneventful, with gorgeous views, difficult trails, with wonderful horses. (Honestly words cannot explain much, so this and the next post are mostly gorgeous photos).

the boys settled in, enough hay for an army

It did take a little time to set up camp, rig up the highline (remember that bringing a ladder is a much better idea than balancing an upside-down bucket on a plastic tote container) but we did a quick ride the first day.

road with a creek, horses loved the clear water

Culbertson lake

I had hiked the second-day loop when camping last year, and this time did it was great to see it from horseback. Of course the first 1.5 miles are dirt road. That the horses death-marched up. It was super rocky, with pointy edges sticking out from rocky gravel. Both horses are smart enough to know not to be going too fast, and also that this is not fun. Eventually we got to the trail though. And the views were worth it.

Feely Lake

Added bonus of good grassy water plant in the lake!

Island Lake

rocky trail below

a bit of a slope and Major being a dork

quizzical ears: we have to go up this?!

just a bit rocky

Crooked Lakes trail junction

Penner Lake lunch break, 6800 feet

On top of the world, leaving Penner lake

The trail was just a bit rocky

But the meadow was gorgeous (we just missed the main bloom though!)

Loney Meadow

photo bomb by Friday

Once back from our ride we put the horses away, clean ourselves up a bit (I'd dunk in the tiny creek). I'd read a book, relax, watch the horses, take them for a little walk, repeat. Needed relaxation.

Then plan for our ride the next day!


  1. Holy crap. Freaking gorgeous. I wanna come ride this

  2. Oh wow! that looks beautiful!!!! I can't believe I didn't know about this place. I have to go. :)

    Liz - you post so many beautiful places in WV that make me want to go live in your backyard too :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that is amazing! When I see pictures like this, it makes me add a new destination to my bucket list. I need a bigger bucket! :-)