Wednesday, July 25, 2012

just camping

It wasn't riding for miles with my horse and my friend, like I'd planned on, but it was camping, and it was fun. Just me and my SO hiked the trails, scouting for the next horse camping trip. After all the hiking, I really appreciate what my horse does! Some trail is rocky fire and logging roads, with a few clear places. More of the trail is very technical, with everything from large rocks, downed trees, smooth granite and steep slopes. But all of it was gorgeous, with amazing views everywhere, and the lakes…wow. Jumping into a cold, clear mountain lake halfway through a hike, I could get used to that!

Above Lindsey Lake
trail choices
meadow of mules ears (no photoshop, it was this color!)
hard to see...but there be dragons...and Upper Rock lake
some rough trail
Penner Lake, a great cold swim (or call it refreshing)

small part of Penner Lake with trail on the right
near Island Lake
Lindsey Lake sunset
I can't wait to return and explore on horseback. Both the same trails I hiked, but with a different perspective. And there are many more trails left to explore…


  1. Gorgeous photos. Sounds like the perfect way to spend some time with your SO :)

    1. It was easy to take pretty pictures when it is such a lovely area. I only wish I'd remembered to take my camera, d'oh! Had to use the camera phone!

      And SO didn't mind not sharing the weekend with a horse!

  2. What a beautiful trip! LOL at the dragons sign. And yes, trying to hike really does make you appreciate your horse more!