Thursday, July 11, 2013

under the bridge

Some of the ubiquitous photos of my horse's ears and No Hands Bridge. I've taken this picture so many times.

But I'd never been UNDER the bridge. On a rare overcast days few weeks ago, I needed a little adventure, and took a quick trip down the road to the American River Confluence. For a different view.

downstream, the bridge stands since 1912
stills standing on old supports, which have been reinforced

remnants of other bridges, constructions

queen anne's lace seems too delicate for here

serpentine rock and failed bridge concrete abutment

among rocks the purple glows
lavender flowers in the shadow of the bridge

gracefully arching over the river

a happy bee finds a bedraggled flower

black swallowtail
bore hole tests rocks strength

the remnants of the 1948 bridge from the flood of 1964

fuzzy plant, I'll call her Audrey
the bridge with all that history...the rock holds more

I don't think this newer bridge will ever have the appeal

still waters run deep? Not here, cold and fast, deceptively so

There is a reason this bridge has stood through time. Built to last, next weekend it will see the Tevis riders cross in the dark one more time. Another chapter in history. More stories to tell.


  1. Audrey~~ <3

    I love No Hands! Bridges are so marvelous, and old engineering is so cool, and it's both of those things. Thanks for hiking around down there and taking pics for us.

    1. I think the engineering is amazing, all those other bridges have failed, No Hands remains. I wish I'd seen it without railings though!

  2. Thank you for the photos. Heading for Tevis tomorrow!

    1. Exciting! If you need a local contact, email me though the blog!

  3. I have never done Tevis officially but in 1999 my friend and I rode the trail over a period of 5 days and 125 miles, hired someone to shuttle our rig each day. It was absolutely terrific. Took 400 pictures, those were the days of developing pictures to hard copy. We were under No Hands, crossed Cougar a few times, back and forth on the Swinging bridge, had a blast. I highly recommend it. Brez Gayland in OR

    1. That sounds like a grand adventure! That is more my speed. You should still get those pictures scanned, fun memories.

      Hopefully I'll get some good pictures of my sweep section, though when I'm busy I tend to forget!

  4. Fuzzy Plant looks like common mullein. It'll send up a tall stalk with yellow flowers if so. :) -Wendy