Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tevis sweep pre-ride

Yesterday I headed out with my sweep partner and another experienced sweeper. My section is High Camp (Squaw Valley) to Robinson Flat. We were lucky enough to get clearance from Squaw Valley to start at the top. I really mean the top.

We had perfect weather. Not only were we sweeping, but we were marking trail, the last people over the trail till next week.

The bogs weren't bad, the flies were tolerable. We had to move pretty slowly as we marked trail.

I got to see some fun sights along the trail, like Watson monument.

Hodgkin's cabin (not sure on the spelling)

The infamous Cougar Rock. Which I went up partway just to look. Not that bad IF you have lots of momentum. Not walking like we were!

Elephants trunk which wasn't scary for me at all. My riding partner didn't like it, so just followed closely not looking down!

The trail was gorgeous. And rocky, so much rock! But the views were lovely, inadequate in photos.

Again we were lucky and got picked up at Red Star, not having to ride the horses the 7 miles of dirt road into Robinson. But we had to drive it, which may have been worse, it wasn't much faster!

My crazy week has just begun. Now is camping for a few days with horses at Loney Meadows, then back for Tevis. Good luck to everyone riding, hope to not see you on the trail!


  1. Fabulous pictures. Way better than the on-the-move pics I've seen from Tevis riders! The "side shot" of Cougar Rock was awesome, and I really love that gnarled root-ball-stump thing.

    1. I think the Tevis riders are too busy riding to take photos! It was nice just to walk it, especially since this section has so much rock. And more rock. I can't imagine trotting most of this!

      I guess the cool root ball is in lots of photos, because its awesome!

      You'll see it one day... 8-)

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome.. just can't say anything more about these photos and the fun you got to have on the sweep ride... and the adventure that is soon to begin for you! Can't wait to read about it!

  3. Great pictures! Oh how I wish I could go out there someday to ride. Nice and slow so I can take pictures. :-)
    I like that gnarly root ball thing too! It looks like a petrified (sort of) phoenix to me.