Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I find time to hike between riding, though often I am scouting places to go riding later! I know many people who have gone riding in Spenceville, but I never have, and it had been a few years since I'd hiked it. Out the curvy windy road, onto the rutted dirt road, over the tiny rickety bridge, in my Subaru it wasn't bad, it would take awhile in a horse trailer!

But the rolling green hills beckoned. As did the path less traveled. My SO and I began our wander on a faint path, and just meandered.

bucolic cows and babies

herd of cows, and horses

lovely skeleton tree

pond, looked like a beaver dam

Past the cows and babies! I am not sure how Major would do with these big creatures, I think I would get off and walk him through. There were two horses out there too, looking fat and sassy.

Spenceville view

I had faith in this faint path

The trail disappeared at times, but I could hear the creek below. At one point SO wanted to cut down the hill, but my instinct told me no, keep going. And we did. And ended up right at the waterfall, our final destination, just on the opposite side than the usual trail. But a great view.

dry creek falls

cool lichen

small river/creek gorge


An adventure, lunch, rocks, river, a good book, a great afternoon. One day I'll bring the horse and explore, but sometimes it is nice to use your own two feet and see the details that I miss when trotting the trail.

an actual road home
the road less traveled


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! I love path-through-trees photos, reminds me of possibilities.

      I love that last section of trail. I think every time I go I take a very similar photo. I should find them and compare how those trees grow!

  2. Riding at Spenceville is wonderful, but you're right about the cows - desensitizing is definitely in order. But it is a beautiful area. You can also ride on the other side of the road, towards Beale.

    1. I also think it would be pretty hot, need to get out there before it all dries up!