Monday, April 15, 2013

slow feeder, round 3

Maybe this is too much work. I'm not sure. My net was again on its last legs. I started in August 2011 with a Freedom Feeder. It got a bit holey, I made a new net in August of 2012 with some net from Arizona Sports. The problem with that was it just kept shrinking and getting harder for Major's staff (the awesome barn help) to add any hay. So back to the original Freedom feeder (see, this is why I don't even throw old holey nets away!)


lots of patched holes

looking pretty sad

Finally the holes and fraying were too much. It just had to go. I researched but still decided to buy a new Freedom feeder. I like the size of the net and how easy it is for me to install and have the staff fill it. (Full disclosure: I didn't even install this one! Great SO did while my horse had a chiropractor appointment. Yeah, I'm lucky.)

Not so bad (filled with a special treat of crack hay)

as installed (photo by SO, me taking another, too much tech!)

Just step away from my hay...

I do like feeding in the net. It takes him longer to finish his hay, it doesn't blow around or get wet on the ground. As I've said before, ideally it would be filled 24-7, but there is ideal and then there are boarding barns, where they can't cater to my every whim (though they do pretty good). It will be interesting to see how long this lasts. I do as they recommend and patch any holes ASAP, but it lasted a year the first time and a few months this second time, so probably 15 months total, for about $50. I'll see how long this lasts, and maybe reevaluate at that point.

While I was doing some house/horse-keeping stuff, I decided my trailer was just sad and dirty too. It sits in a nice shady place at the stable, under the oak trees, which droppped pollen and leaves all over. Though I use it often enough for most of the debris to blow off, it was grimy. I didn't realize how bad until it was home in the driveway.

gray trailer or white?

slobber, debris, ugly

There were horse slobber marks and the aluminum was all dull. It is a bear to lug the ladder around and wash it, but my trailer loves me again and looks so pretty!

white, shiny, orange, lovely
At least it was lovely until I took Major on a ride and he slobbered mash all over the side. Nice while it lasted.

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