Monday, April 29, 2013

monday random

I was trying to write something about a fun ride a group of us did on Saturday, but my brain is tired. It is 15 degrees above normal, almost 90 degrees, and while I like the heat, I melted a bit this weekend.

Instead, how about Monday random? I always have some photos I like that don't fit in anywhere. They fit perfectly on a day like today. They make me smile, and that is sometimes all I need to get through a Monday.

apple face. Don't worry, I'll share my drool on your shirt later.

I wonder what color shirts I like...

little blue-belly (western fence) lizard sharing my lunch bench

trying to take a nice photo, hey, Major, look over here!

OK, turn around. Now it looks like you have a giant head!

Pay attention! Hey look, I found a stick.

Look mom, another stick, don't leave yet!

See my stick? Want to play fetch?

That helped for a few minutes to get me through my day. Of course, it's not even lunchtime yet…


  1. Ohhh goodness. A horse with a stick. That slays me. Flipping hilarious.

    Or maybe my work day has made me loony. Ahh well.

    1. Major loves sticks. He likes putting his head underwater to fetch them at the lake. Seriously.

      Loony or hilarious, it's all the same!