Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My horse has more appointments than I do!

I noticed on a ride a couple weeks ago that at one point Major began cantering with one lead in front and a different one in the back. That sure feels weird! That seems to be the first sign (that I notice) that he needs some sort of adjustment. So I called out the chiropractor.

I had Major adjusted last May (on his birthday!), and while I was skeptical going into it, I could tell he moved and felt better afterwards. This time the chiropractor came out and didn't find any big issues, mainly some muscle soreness, and showed me more exercises (that I need to remember to do!). Major was so unconcerned I didn't even hold the lead rope much of the time. Probably feels good!

see Mom, learn to do this

If I give you my leg will you give me a carrot?

We checked my saddle fit too. I thought my favorite saddle bridged a bit, and he confirmed that. My newer saddle fits nicely, but I'm not used to it yet, especially for long rides. I upgraded my pad inserts but am not going to change everything two weeks before my first 50 of the season. After that I'll have some time to reevaluate.

And where is my treat? I mean treats. Many treats.

Major just thought he needed more carrots for being good. He was right.

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