Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween treat

what cha doing? are we going somewhere? what'd you have? it must be for me!

Poor Major got nothing this year. Nothing he says. Except carrots. And an extra beet pulp mash. But other than that, nothing!

He did not get to wear a costume like last year. This year I was dressed as a Phoenix, as my entire office was dressed as mythology. It was great fun, but by the end of the day it was dark, windy and getting cold as I got to the barn. I was in a skirt and heels (not even once a year does that happen) with wings that had been driving me crazy all day. I was done. Major was proably happy I didn't dress him up. He nickered to me as I walked up the path...because I had a pan of the delicious mash!

I'm also busy packing for Lake Sonoma 50! How do the horses need so much stuff? Seriously. If I kept my tack in my trailer it might be easier, but half in the barn, some in the trailer, and I took the rest home to wash. It'll get done. My friend C and her horse Friday are coming with us to do the 25. C has had a very bad week, but like a true horsewoman, knows that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a (wo)man, and still decided to come. I wouldn't have blamed her at all if she'd rather just stay home and hug her pony, but we will have a good time.

The rain is letting up, it just seemed to be a quick storm, so hopefully the trails are nice and cool, though they're saying 77 degrees for Saturday! Major isn't too fuzzy yet, but that is going to feel pretty damn hot. I may try to do just a neck clip...I've never tried that, it could be interesting. In a few hours the trailer will be packed, truck too, and we'll be loading up in the morning. Off on another adventure!

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