Monday, October 29, 2012

rump rug project

I don't even know if I need this. But it doesn't hurt to have one. Colder months are approaching. And orange fleece was so cheap. And I've already finished my Halloween costume. And there were a few days of rain. So I need a project or I go stir crazy.

Now, I'm domestically challenged. I can use a table saw, but a sewing machine scares me. Last time I tried to use it I spent half an hour trying to thread the damn thing (I even have the instruction book!) and the bobbin gave me fits. I think it all stems from the trauma of my sixth grade home economics class, where I tried to make a turquoise plaid skirt (it was the 80s, forgive me) and proceeded to sew the hem of the skirt to the pants I was wearing. Seam rippers became my friend.

So I hand sewed this project. It only took a few hours in front of tv reruns, a quick try on by Major, then finishing the edge. Many quicker/nicer ways to make these, or buy really nice ones, but this worked for me! I totally stole the idea from Adventures on Arabee (who has great directions), with modifications by Boots and Saddles.

gather materials

Gather materials: A yard of your favorite fleece fabric. A small amount of plain cotton fabric. My color choice being orange, these upcoming photos will burn your retinas, do not blame me. You also need velcro, 1/4 inch elastic, buttons and embroidery thread. Also needle and thread. Or a sewing machine if you're actually clever like that.

cut square (nice to have a tile floor for grid!)

make simple edging

Make sure your fabric is cut square, and fold in half. (I used 60 inch wide fleece, which was just right). Make a piece of edging out of unstretchy fabric (plain cotton, I had this already). My edging was 3x20, folded to be 3/4x20.

attach velco, button and elastic

I then centered and sandwiched the cut edge of the fleece in the edging. And just stitched it together. I cut Velco to 10 inches, then sewed male to female parts so it was 20 inches long. I attached those 14 inches apart on the edging, which I'd measured on my saddle was right for using the lower back D rings. Outside of that I attached a large button, and on the flip side 15 inches of 1/4 inch elastic. Repeat on the other side.

trying on his clothes, yes I usually have a girth on my saddle!

Before I finished anything, I wanted the horse to try it on. Major stood there and wouldn't look at me. "Why do you make me wear these dumb clothes? Nope, not paying attention, orange is not MY favorite color."

rounded corners, stitched, blinded people....

I took the blanket home, and did a blanket stitch around the loose edges (one side is still the folded edge.) I rounded the corners for aesthetics, yeah, because a rump rug is all about how cute it is...

Actually looking pretty cute all decked out.

Will I use this? Maybe for a cold ride. Right now I'll probably not attach it but throw it over to keep him warm. But just like how it rained in June at the Skillman ride, I'd rather be prepared!

Now, what else could I decorate it with? Hmmm, I'm thinking flames...


  1. It's fantastic and cheery! I love home made rump rugs and when mine comes to it's end I shall make one lime and black and be even worse in my matchy ways. Flames are good too.

    PS, you don't ride without a girth? And here I was pondering the mad balance skills you had to have... ;)

    1. I only do my girth-less riding when it is a cool, windy fall day and lots of spooky things are about. Then I'm all about my mad skillz. 8-)

  2. Major looks "shnazzy" in that rump rug! I have a blue one (that I didn't make) for Falcon that I used on him in Virginia, but I can't imagine needing it very often around here.
    One thing is for are prepared for hunting season! Go Blaze Orange! : )

    1. Yeah, I don't think I'll need it much, though winter mornings, 35 degrees, might be good to put it on him to warm my own hands! Or on an endurance ride to keep him from getting chilled.

      Hunting season for sure! There are strange folks illegally hunting in the woods nearby.

  3. Ooooh good idea, in case I ever get brave enough to ride out here during hunting season, I need a blaze orange rump rug- love that color!!

    1. We don't have much hunting here, but I like my blaze orange anyway. I have seen great orange safety stuff, definitely don't want to be mistaken for a huge deer!

  4. Replies
    1. If I could sew better I'd make everyone their favorite color! Maybe I do need to figure out how to use the sewing machine...