Saturday, November 24, 2012

turkey trot

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Some people may have done a benefit run or walk, gotten a cool tshirt. My old barn used to do a quick morning ride, and I like to continue the tradition.

But everyone else was busy cooking. My pies were made, I had the time, so I saddled up Major and went out with my SO running along. The weather was gorgeous, perfect blue skies, 60+ degrees (it's November!), the trails are a bit drier.

But my horse was still an idiot. Go-go-go he said. So walk-walk-behave yourself I said. I won. Barely. We did a little trotting, but his brain would fall out, and it wasn't the day I wanted to deal with it (knowing I had pies to deliver, turkey to eat, and 15 family members later in the day!)

I think he was the trotting turkey. Tomorrow we do arena work and then a long ride, we'll see how the turkey does then.

(Turkey Major still got some Thanksgiving treats, leftover from the apple pies. Probably didn't deserve it, but it was Thanksgiving, a good day for forgiveness.)

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