Friday, October 7, 2011

a small (mis)adventure

Escaping from work early, I met a friend to ride. Major doesn't like her horse Ziggy, but we like to go out, so Major does not get an opinion on the situation.

We headed out the lake trails, down Barking Dog hill and onto Pioneer Express trail. The rain made everything less dusty, but not quite muddy yet, and the air is so fresh and clean. Scrambling down some rocks there was suddenly a buzzing, and little things flying, and Ziggy is getting silly and there is swatting and yelling and trying to dash forward as fast as I could. We went as fast as we could then slowed, Ziggy was flinging his head and had been stung at least twice on his ears. My riding friend got stung on her ear too, ouch! Major and I escaped somehow. We decided to just walk a bit and see how they felt.

And now we come across a big branch/tree on trail! I got off and wandered through weeds to see if there was a way around. Above the trail was some space, then too many trees. Below the trail looked promising, except a steep winter runoff ditch couldn't be navigated. No way around and I was now wearing burr pants, just covered. If we went back we'd have to go through the bees again, but there was no choice.

With much trepidation we headed back, on foot, at least till we could see anything. We got to the spot and didn't see any swarming, so walked through quickly. Then I heard something buzz and a sharp sting on my leg! Luckily that was it, and we got through mostly unscathed.

After that we weren't in as fun of a mood, but horses can change that, so we headed out towards home, but then took the turn the opposite direction. The trail is narrow and steep above the lake, but we trotted and cantered, troubles forgotten. Even the blackberry canes grabbing hold had little effect. We kept it a short ride, and as we slowed towards home we noticed again our injuries nagging at us.

Back home Major munched grass while I loosened his saddle, and felt a tickle on my neck. I took off my helmet and a bee flew out who'd been stuck in my hair! Eeek! I'm glad that ride is over.

In the pasture Major made silly faces at me. Probably gloating that he was the only one smart enough to not get stung. (His face looks extra silly crooked in this photo).

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