Friday, October 7, 2011


Will the 2011 Tevis go down in the record books with an asterisk? This morning it was announced that they are rerouting, and starting from Auburn! There is 22 inches of snow at Donner, I guess pushing it back to October didn't work out as planned, still too much snow on the trail, what a crazy year! They have not made the final announcement on the trail map, but I am sure there are some disappointed people who prepared so hard and drove quite far to have the Tevis experience, and it will be a much different ride. I am sure ride management was considering all the safety issues, and melting snow on granite rocks and a couple hundred horses is pretty slippery! I hope everyone stays safe, and I may wander over to watch the finish, though the times for that might be different, and a colder night for people waiting in the stands too!

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  1. I know this year is so crazy/disappointing/exciting for Tevis! I can't wait to follow along and see what happens, I hope everyone goes home safe and sound, completed or not. Sometime I really do want to go hang out/volunteer for the ride--not this year though!