Friday, September 9, 2011

rider I.D.

After Haiku Farms great (and fun) crisis safety posts (seriously, mandatory reading) I thought about this subject (and many others, like could Major outrun Zombies? totally)

I have good horse ID, great tags I ordered that are attached to saddle and bridle (all the time) and mane (when camping).

But what about rider ID? I have my info inside my helmet, but what if someone doesn't want to take it off after an accident? I have my phone on me, but what if it was smashed or lost?

I really don't worry much about that, even though I often ride alone. But better to be prepared! There are lots of options out there, and I could have ordered more tags like the horse ones, but wearing them as a necklace would drive me crazy. I chose instead to order from RoadID. They have lots of options for custom safety ID, bracelets, shoe things, ankle straps. I chose the smallest, least intrusive option, the wrist ID slim. Plus it came in orange.

Plus the ability to add whatever lines of type you'd like: name, town, contact numbers, insurance info. And an extra line for a saying or motto: could be inspiring, or reverential, or just geeky fun. Mine says "To Boldly Go..." If you don't know, well that's just wrong, but it's Startrek, and yes, it's awesome! There is an interactive version of the ID with web access for even more info, but I went simple this time.

Easy order, quick service, nice design, (did I mention orange?)

I would suggest to order slightly larger. My wrist fits in the small measurement, but it doesn't have a clasp and is tight to fit on over my hand. But I can order just the larger band for cheap, but for now feel a tiny bit safer. I also ordered the Wrist ID sport for my SO, is velcro and a bit larger, though very nice. But no orange...

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  1. Ooh, helmet ID isn't a bad idea. Or a shoe tag...

    I had wrist surgery a couple years ago that left me with very faint scars right on my wristbone, right where a watch or bracelet hits. It definitely feels weird to wear bracelets now.

    Unfortunately that last line isn't big enough for "it seemed like a good idea at the time." I bet I could fit "hey yall watch this" though. :)