Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Every horse owner knows the look of attention, when a horse focuses on a distant element. Some horses look in fear, some in curiosity. Major is fascinated by things.

He likes to stare off into the distance, seeming to take in the scenery and situation. Then I read that writer Merri's horse, Jose (The Equestrian Vagabond, great blog) does the same thing.

Major is also truly fascinated by two things we pass almost every day:

The first is the property next door. It is next to the stable, and has lots of fruit trees and grass, with a nice house in the center. Major walks up to the gate, with the No Trespassing sign, and longingly looks in. He'll just stand there and look until I urge him on. Does it look like horsey paradise in there?

The next is a fairly new addition. A new boarder brought in two horses, including a mini. The mini is white, fat (and getting fatter) and adorable. I can't remember his name, so of course I call him Peanut. Major LOVES Peanut. He wants to visit and nibble faces through the fence. I wish they could play, but that could be disaster, I'm not sure Major could play nice with something so tiny.

still life with geese
He also loves to stand in water and admire things/contemplate life/whatever he is thinking. Down at the lake recently we stood in the water for 15 minutes. He looked a the geese (not afraid, just watching them swimming) and out at the boats. He does this at the small pond we also ride to.

Lately I've let him stand a bit longer. As long as he is not procrastinating (which he also likes to do, it is a fine line). I figure we all need our silence, our time to contemplate the universe. Is that what he is doing? Probably not that profound, but who am I to say. I'll take these quiet moments and do the same.

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