Wednesday, September 21, 2011

laughter and guilt and love

On a lighter note, horses have such an ability to make you forget your problems and focus in the moment. And they'll catch you if you aren't paying attention.

I graze Major along a dirt driveway, almost no cars, and I admit I'm pretty lax. And I'll admit this has happened before, and it makes me laugh (yes, bad horse owner). Major is grazing and steps on his dangling leadrope. He never panics, but he's also not the most clever. Not clever enough to move his foot, just doesn't care. He continues to eat grass, ever tightening the short leadrope, and is "stuck" there till he moves a foot or I help him. And laugh at him.

Walking back to his pasture, I have to open a tricky gate. Most times it's no problem, but I had my hands full and Major dove for some spilled hay. I was just about to correct him and lift his head up, when he came up with a big chunk of leftovers and a cute look on his face. I know it's not guilt as we know it, but he knew he was in trouble. I couldn't help but laugh as he chewed the hay and the horse in the paddock behind him looked on beseechingly, hoping dinner was arriving. So Major won that battle, but I acknowledge that happens sometimes!

I got it! yummy
too bad guy, I got it first

Usually Major sees me drive up to the stable, looks up, and keep eating. Loves me not! I walk up the hill, whistle, get the halter and walk up to him and catch him. A couple weeks ago he was so cute. I walked up the hill and he looked up, neighed and cantered up the hill to me! He loves me! Some other times he comes to my whistle (and carrot), but not with the cantering enthusiasm.

Now, I'm not truly delusional (most of the time). I think the time I spent hand-walking had convinced Major I was a great food person: I just kept catching him and taking him up and down the road to eat the good grass. Why the grass outside his pasture is more delicious, I'll never know. And different times he prefers different weeds. Early this year it was the plain green grass (not sure what it is), then he moved on to the clover. The crab grass is pretty yummy, but right now this tall weed with leaves is his favorite. And the purslane (what I've always called pigweed). Outside his pasture it is yummy (his preferred food in the arena) but in the pasture he doesn't eat it. I am sure some of it has to do with the amount of sugar in the grasses, but the rest?

Add it to the list of strange and quirky horse behaviors. Major makes me laugh, just with his silly squiggly-blaze face. I'm sure everyone has their own list of strange/cute/silly/just weird things their horse does, they're just so endearing.

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  1. I absolutely agree! I love watching my horses and am enjoying having them on the house-side of the property so I can watch them out my living room window. I feel like I'm always saying "honey, look at the filly!" and then wonder if I'm turning into a crazy old cat lady only with horses. But they are truly entertaining! The filly has those classic, inimitable baby moments--where the urge to run and kick and buck and be WILD just can't be ignored. She zooms and snorts and rears at mom and puts on a big old show. Then eats a thistle and goes to sleep in the sun. And you probably already know how much I love Blaze's antics, even from the short time we've been reading each others blogs!