Monday, September 26, 2011

fall trail in pictures

I did a trail ride in photos this spring, pretty amazing difference almost six months later. Fall certainly seems to have arrived...

My cat helper was quite talkative when I asked her for the saddle pad.

Once again the wheelbarrow of leftovers is a hit with Major.

Usually this trail is avoided, the off-road trucks have ruined it. It is tough going even for sure-footed horses.

This trail is more like it, but everything is so bone dry.

A once great road to trot on, now eroded, but not as hot on the first cloudy day of the season.

Yes, we fit under this tree, but I'll be going around, it is leaning too precariously!

The trail down to the canal, better trust those trail-horse feet!

The very fun Canal Trail, visible under 2 feet of water.

Looking left, all water, no trail access.

Looking right is even worse, no trail at all.

Major thought it was fine, and stood in the water, snorkeling and playing, for about 15 minutes.

Message in a bottle? Strange things on shore, lots of flip flops.

Coming home, unexpected amaryllis flowers. Old homestead? Who knows.

Spots of color in the dust, these amaryllis are more variegated than I usually see.

This was the first full day of Fall, and it certainly tried to prove it. The weather was a little bit of everything, with some sun, then clouds, and even some rain. The brisk morning gave way to a warmer afternoon, but with that tinge in the air, knowing colder days are coming.


  1. Cool post! Those are quite some trails you have. Makes Lake Oroville look very tame, or at least well groomed. The lake was the most full its been in years and there were some miles of trail underwater there too this summer.

    I love that teal/turquoise you have on Major, looks great with his color!

    I have to kick my cat off my western saddle every morning when I ride Desire. And he comes right back to claim it when I'm done LOL

  2. Yeah, these trails used to be great, they're on private property, but the off-road vehicles have ruined them. There is just one one lake trail (with the canal trail being under water) and it is the tough Pioneer Express Trail that the American River ride is on every year. Makes us great with technical footing, not as great at speed stuff!