Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Two years ago I bought Major and we started our partnership. There have been ups and downs: physically, emotionally, and trail elevation! The last year has been a major leap, I think we both have a level of trust that just wasn't there before. I'm looking forward to more new adventures: to more horse camping, trailering to fun places, some longer trail rides, maybe getting brave enough to accomplish a limited-distance endurance ride. I know each new adventure will stress the partnership, bring new concerns and situations to deal with. Sometimes not necessarily the ones I want to (or can) deal with. But we'll get through it. We're up for the adventure.


  1. I bought my gelding Blaze 2 years ago as of June 18th and we were actually completing an LD endurance ride at Hat Creek Hustle that day so it was so appropriate. Isn't it wonderful growing and learning with your partner? I don't know about you but I feel like I've had Blaze MUCH longer than 2 years, but also like I just got him a minute ago. Its almost hard to realize how much things grow when you look at them every day but when I really stop and think about how Blaze was when I bought him (yelling, prancing, an hr to load him in the trailer) and how he is now (the guy standing on a loose rein grazing at the starting line of an endurance ride) its amazing! Here's to our great partners!

  2. I have not been brave enough to try an LD yet. I had thought about Patriot's, but after your adventure I am now glad I skipped it! I much prefer single-track type of trail. I am wondering if the next Patriot's ride later in September is on the same trails (since it is not FEI).

    My horse has also really mellowed, I was so proud this weekend trotting along cliffs, not worrying, just enjoying. I say that he got his brain, but I guess sometimes we have to give ourselves some credit!

  3. the next Patriot's Day is held at a different spot, different trails. Its in Greenville on the south east side of the lake the other ride was near Chester on the north west side of the lake. I am going to the September one too. Its based at Coppercreek summer camp and there are cabins available to rent for the ride (ooo)! It says the trails are "rarely used roads and single track forest trails" also like you say not FEI, only 25/50 rides and Dr. Lydon is the head vet which means it has got to be more fun than the other ride--Dr. Lydon is a hoot!