Monday, July 25, 2011

fast and slow

watching the boats
I took a solo fast ride to Avery pond. We followed a couple other riders for a bit. Major pulled, but with nowhere to go he did finally settle in. We did pass them at a hill, Major was just traveling faster. We left them behind with no worry from Major, and continued on. At the lake Major stood in the water and enjoyed the view, even while a fisherman yelled “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!” Never heard that before...but at least the guy was pleasant! Major doesn’t like the trough at the pond, no idea why. Most other troughs he is fine with, but the little rock trough with clear-running stream water is not appealing (?). He’d rather drink the muddy water by the lakeshore...who can understand a horse’s reasoning?! Major did think we should go home really fast, but he is now so good about slowing for rocks, downhills etc, I can really trust him on this trail. In a few places he does need reminding to take a breather, but then we have a nice swinging walk home.

A couple days later we joined friend Ziggy for a slower evening ride to Granite Bay. The ride there Major led most of the way, Ziggy is in training for an endurance ride and needs to work on being behind another horse. We kept it at a trot, Major really wanted to canter in a few places but I told him he was supposed to set a good example, and cantering is just too much for Ziggy right now! Ziggy is much better than the last time (when even I felt sorry for Major for having to put up with the idiot.) Coming home we took it slow, as Ziggy also has to learn to behave himself going home. It is nice to see Ziggy improving so much, and it really makes me see how far I really have come with Major. I remember the rides of all jigging, all the time. Of course we still have our moments, but they are much shorter, or can be handled with more ease. It is also so nice to be out at 8pm, 80 degrees, still light out, and just walking your horse though the forest towards home, everyone enjoying the evening.

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