Tuesday, May 31, 2011

is it summer yet?

Winter does not seem to want to leave! The weather hasn't been that bad...for February! Cold and windy, rain showers, hail storms, not what is expected in almost June! But I'm just about fed up with it, and so is Major, so Saturday I saddled up Major and we went out, despite thickening gray clouds.

Plus I had to make it up to Major. The poor guy has spent the last couple rides out with my friends green horse, who has been a monster. Major is so sick of that fire-breathing dragon on his tail. Last time Major couldn't take it anymore and kicked...but won't be trying that again after his reprimand. While it is a good experience to be out with many different personalities of horses, I could tell Major was at a breaking point. I don't blame him!

an actual picture of us both!
The first 2 miles I did with my SO hiking along, Major thinks it great fun to follow his "herdmate" and would like to chase him down the hills. Not an option, so we catch up on the flats and uphills. The trails are in pretty good shape, and we had fun moving along. I split and we went farther along. Major seemed very happy to be out, wasn't pulling, just trotting when asked, and some cantering over on the wider park roads.

gray skies, but pricked ears heading home
Heading home Major was a bit excited. Amazing how the same small mud puddle he HAD to try and step around on the way out became no big deal as we trotted through it coming home. The burned log that gets the evil eye is now not a bear, just something to fly by. We did have to have some discussions about not cantering through rocks, and he did finally behave enough to take the shortcut trail. It is a great parallel trail that has had some storm damage and downed trees for awhile, but SO to the rescue and it is now pruned and ready for summer...if it ever gets here.

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