Thursday, May 19, 2011


We started out...hesitant, short-strided, balky. Attitude or something more? Turn for home...forward, reaching, moving. Hmmm...away from home, toward home...repeat for an hour.

Maybe it was not riding from the recent stormy weather (coldest May days in history!), but I think this is what's been going on. He's just too damn clever at it, and I am so cautious (especially about any lameness or NQR feeling) I know I have helped "teach" him this behavior. Major would rather be back in his grassy pasture, or even in his paddock with dinner, than hauling me around the forest.

crazy mane on crabby horse
But this time I figured it out, and Major was not amused, he was downright crabby! A year ago it would have made me nervous, now attitude just makes me more determined. Sit deep, breathe, and get what you ask for. Even if you have to ask A LOT of times. And circle. And retrace your steps. And ask again...

But back home it is all worth it, walking home nicely, working in the arena, stopping on a deep breath.

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