Tuesday, May 10, 2011

weekday wandering

Went on a quiet weekday wandering ride with Major's friend Friday (and my friend Christie). It is amazing how much ground you can cover just going up and down and around and about and "let's turn here," "what's over there," where does this trail go again?"

It is nice to have a compatible horse, both horses lead and follow, and we had fun trotting and cantering up some pretty good hills. The water is receding, the mud is getting better, but it is still dictating where we go. We headed up and this one meadow area was just beautiful. A view peaked between the trees, the old oak shaded the trail, and Friday and Christie seemed to be taking in the view.

We headed for another hill I have really been enjoying, you can canter up nicely, and then there are a few options to go down. Since I was with another brave rider, I showed her the steep way down. It is an abandoned trail, which I rode years ago. Now it is overly-rutted and overgrown. If you stay to the side as you walk your way down, it is is no problem. At one point you have to step over the rut, then down some rocks, then you're back on a main trail. Both horses are good with their feet, and it is fun to challenge their minds, as well as ours.

It was a nice Spring night, and I think we both could have stayed out longer, but "real" life was calling us to our chores. We'll ride again soon, days like this seem so fleeting.

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