Sunday, May 15, 2011


A quick ride in beautiful weather on Friday was supposed to be the beginning of a nice riding weekend. I'd planned a fun, longer ride up to Auburn where the trailer would be waiting. We were going with Major's buddy Friday, and last night it started to rain. No problem, Doppler radar didn't show any more rain this morning, probably clear with a few isolated thunderstorms...

Until I got to the stable and the rain started. It was cold, the sky got darker, and ominous-looking. I don't mind a little rain...but the thunder and occasional lightning was cause for serious concern. We hand-walked the horses down the road, ever optimists, maybe it would clear up? No, it was looking worse, and as we headed back the sky was beginning to just crackle, both horses a bit on edge. Putting Major away and loading Friday in the trailer just as a hail storm hit, turning the ground white in a matter of seconds.

Good timing, and certainly glad we weren't on trail, as it continued to hail and rain for at least another hour. Major was tucked in his paddock with extra hay, and I went home and had some hot chocolate. There will be plenty of other weekends of better weather, I'd like them soon please!

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