Tuesday, September 28, 2010

spa day

I tried to ride today, I really did. I tacked up and headed for the arena. I thought that since it was half in the shade it wouldn't be too bad. I was wrong. 100 degrees in July doesn't bother me as much, but 100 degrees at the end of September is brutal. It has been so mild, we're just not used to it. Did some half-hearted walking and trotting, backed through an L of poles, picked up a canter both directions...about 20 minutes, I was done. Major wasn't too thrilled to be out there either.

Since it was nice and warm, but the wash rack is in the shade, I thought a full bath was on order. We have the little show on Sunday, and while we're not doing showmanship, looks count  and Major hasn't had a real bath all summer. He likes being at the wash rack, it is often where he gets his beet pulp snack (because he makes a disgusting mess and it can be hosed off), but believed he was cruelly tricked when he just got a bath! He has stopped snorting at the streams of water by his feet (never the actual water on him, but the water running down toward the drain on the black mats), and now just stands quietly, what a nice improvement!

Soap and rinse and even mane and tail conditioner. He looked a bit pitiful, his tail is pretty scraggly anyway, and with the mane all wet he wasn't exactly a picture of a beautiful arab. He didn't care, and neither did I. And he did manage to get his snack when the bath was all done...and managed to get it all over his face and both front legs. I expect he'll need some serious grooming by Sunday, but at least the bath part is done!

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