Friday, October 1, 2010

more arena fun

Lesson today was fun. We practiced again for the upcoming show, doing ok in some practice classes (arena trail), and so bad in others that I made the instructor laugh! I had to remind her I was not going to be doing the walk/trot/canter classes, as in practice Major switches leads, breaks to a  trot, cuts corners, falls in and otherwise looks like an idiot. I as the rider am not helping him either! Something we need to really practice on. She did say once everything was in place we looked good (for about five strides). She is a very generous and optimistic trainer...

I was so proud of Major going home yesterday, It was dark, which crept up on me too fast this time of year. We had to ride home in the dark, up the road. There were cars coming at us and behind us, with their high-beams on, and not one single car moved over even a little at the sight of a horse and rider on the side of the road (would they slow for deer? or kids on bikes? crazy). Major never flinched, was just happy to be heading home, and once clear of traffic we trotted home, (with one not-asked-for-canter quickly corrected) where he got justly rewarded with beet pulp and dinner. He was happily munching away while I put tack away and said goodnight.

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