Thursday, September 2, 2010


I started Major on a week of psyllium. I have done this before, but slacked off, and it is not hard to do and certainly doesn't hurt anything. Last year I heard a vet speak about the whole subject, and (from what I remember) there weren't a lot of serious studies about the effectiveness, but he gives it to his horses and has experiences with it helping.

Major thinks it's delicious! I just added it to his regular supplements, which he'll eat but not usually completely finish. This time he's licking the pan clean, and making a full mess of himself (and wanting to share with me).

After eating it yesterday he was just standing tied, where he is good but just feels the need to get into everything. I forgot to move the saddle rack, which he proceeded to knock over, hitting my supplies carrier, making a racket, and he didn't even bat an eye. I had to catch the innocent look on his face. This is the face he makes when he tried to eat my friend's trailer or pulls off other horses fly masks. I think he knows I can't be mad at this face. So I just picked up the rack, put away my tools and let him graze. He has me well trained.

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