Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a ride with gps confusion

Went on a really nice ride in the forest with friends Mandy (person) and Zoe (horse). Both horses were very well behaved, Major wore his newly-fitted boots with no problems. It was fun to stay in the forest, there are so many trails, and we took one of the outside trails. It is a trail I always forget about, but also I tend to take it the "wrong" direction and end up going down through nasty ruts. Mandy knows the trails there the best of anyone I know, and she took us on that trail the good way, so you go up the ruts, much easier!

four ears taking in the view
It was nice to have no destination or plan, just be out riding and having fun with our horses. We stopped and talked a lot, which is fun for us and a good training tool for the horses. We did a couple good trots where I asked Mandy to be in front, and for Major to deal with it. He doesn't pull much at first, but creeps closer and closer, then I have to pull him back (repeat, repeat, repeat...). Zoe was trotting at a nice, sustainable pace, Major just thinks faster is better.

At one point Mandy did ask if we could canter up a small incline, she wanted to find out Zoe's mindset. It was unexpected, but I asked Major....he thought that was a great idea! We had a bit of a discussion to slow down, but Zoe behaved herself, so at least one horse got the gold star on that exercise.

We never were lost, but when we got back and compared GPS (we both have different smartphones with different software), there was much confusion! Mine said 5.7 miles, Mandy's 7.0 miles. That is too much difference and quite annoying. We both like to measure our rides, and I really keep track, but if it is that incorrect?! I suggested (only partly in jest) that we take out a friend who has a GPS watch and I take my hand-help as well as both of the phones and do a GPS challenge. When the maps of both rides are overlapped in Google earth they almost completely match. Technology can be so fun and frustrating. Just like horses I guess!

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