Thursday, March 17, 2022

new beginnings

Miles has some pretty big shoes to fill. First order: the actual shoes! He was due for a shoeing and I wanted to see how he’d do barefoot. My trimmer did a great job and said his feet were pretty good but needed some help before he could manage barefoot entirely. So he tried on big brothers boots. A bit loose, the next size down is too tight, so for now they will work. Bittersweet, all of it. 

Miles likes the eating hikes best

all dressed up and ready to go

he likes to be a bit close
We’ve been slowly adventuring. Needing to learn about each other and trust, so started off hiking. Worked on not grabbing for grass, but he follows very nicely, and is even learning the "stand on the manhole" trick that Major did. It helps that Miles is VERY food motivated and I have not found a treat he doesn't like!

his expressions crack me up

wondering what's over there

Then part hiking and riding. Been pretty steady so far, though he is not a fan of mud and water! We hike a bit, then I ride. No photos of the ride part yet. Not because he has been naughty, but because I don't quite trust myself or him with one hand on the reins!

a good trail to learn on: single track, bridges and water
Then I broke my new pony. Actually, just a scrape, and he did it to himself when the leaped after my stirrup scraped a rock and he landed next to another rock. Sigh. More desensitizing ahead! And I had the saddle fitter out and the best news: she was able to adjust the saddle flocking so my favorite saddle fits Miles quite well, yeah!

He is well settled in and pretty happy in pasture. I bought him a new hay ball that is a bit annoying to fill but he certainly likes it! I think my favorite part so far is that he whinnys as I walk up the hill and greets me at the gate. We're just spending time together, hopefully we have lots ahead, no need to rush.


  1. So happy for you both! Happy trails!

  2. That is huge good news that you can get your saddle to fit and that the hoof boots will do for now... Things are progressing LOL

  3. I love his black tipped ears and black nostrils. Happy that you're happy!!! And what cute expressions he has, as if criticizing his environment.

  4. So happy to see this! Wishing you many happy years and miles together.

  5. So glad that things are working out for you.

  6. Looks like he's a very happy guy!