Tuesday, March 29, 2022

good boy Shane

Shane's first foray into the lupine
The horse world lost another good one the other day. Friend C’s lovely horse Shane coliced, with a very bad twist. When even the doctors say there is nothing you can do the decision is still heart-breaking.

Shane learning the ropes with his best pal Friday

out on a beautiful ride
I'd been so looking forward to riding out with her on Shane and me on Miles, our new chapters. I know C had so many plans ahead of camping trips and other adventures. But sadly not to be. I was glad to be with her as she said goodbye. But please, no more right now.
he was so very handsome
You were a good boy Shane and tried so hard. Thanks for the rides we shared. Wish there had been more.
Shane and Friday watching some arena shenanigans


  1. How sad. Shane looks quite young. My thoughts with you both. 🥰

  2. Horrible when that happens. But thankfully we can help them and make the right decision.

  3. Always heartbreakingly sad... They are such a huge presence in our lives...