Saturday, October 31, 2020

weird halloween!

As many times previously mentioned, Halloween is my favorite holiday. But this year is a bit of a (totally understandable!) bust: no going out in costume, no office decorations. But I did find this amazing pony skeleton (he is pretty big at 4-feet tall) at the home improvement store! It has glowing red eyes and makes the most high-pitched, horrible neighing sounds.

I added a bit of extra decoration and some accents of dark paint (he was too bone white) and made him creepier!

wondering why skeleton pony still has ears…

The evil pony's tack was inspired by the nazgul/ringwraith horses of Lord of the Rings. Sadly, I did not finish the matching costume I hoped to make for Major…so there is something to look forward to next year.

Happy Halloween, and now go eat the whole bag of candy all by yourself…or save one for the pony…

some say little ponies are evil…


  1. You might enjoy this scariness! (blogger wouldn’t let me link)

    1. Love it! I love the idea of a community scarecrow competition, that could have been fun to set up in the local park. Sadly I'll have to enjoy my own skeleton pony in my yard…at least through the holidays (oh, he is getting lights for sure!)