Sunday, October 18, 2020

coin flip

I love horses. Since you're reading a horse blog, I'm assuming you do too. The care and time (whether that is riding, training, etc) of horses takes up many hours in the week.

But what about other interests? It is hard to make the decision sometimes! Go for a ride or a hike? Sit and read a book or watch the horses quietly munch hay? Go for an early morning swim and ride after? Most of the year that is the balance I try to find.

But every fall my interests collide, when a beautiful Sunday morning dawns, and I stay home, not riding, because football season has begun! I know for many people that is what drives them OUT of the house, but I have been pretty passionate about NFL football for many years, and have to decide on any given Sunday, horses or football?

I check the game schedules, who is playing when, and decide my game plan. If my team, the Seattle Seahawks are playing, I am for sure watching, from coin flip to final minutes. If other teams I like, or a game is supposed to be competitive, then I'm watching. The horse, and other interests, can have the other six days. 



I recently ordered a new helmet (too many whacks with tree branches!), and decided my interests needed to collide a bit more. I made some mostly subtle stickers, just black on gray (with a green hawk eye!), but enough to show my NFL spirit while riding. Just a bit, I'm sticking with orange for tack (I haven't switched our colors to Seahawks wolf gray, college navy and action green! Though I am asked in this area, in my orange and black, if I support San Francisco Giants baseball!). 


new logo and old school football

 The only problem is, I think Major might support the Broncos, or the Colts (but never the Cowboys)…

I support actual turf fields, no astroturf!

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  1. Whaat//? I'm shaking my head. Stop shaking now.

    I live in Germany but on a few visits home I noticed the number 12 in the windows of several homes in Seattle. And on the top of the Space Needle!

    I've never watched a football game in my life but for some reason in 2017 my mother sent me a Seahawks baseball cap. According to Facebook, my entire family is into Seahawks. Not excluding some of my old friends.


    In 2017 I boarded Mag at a barn in the city and one boarder had photos on her tack locker, one of which was her boyfriend wearing a freaking Seahawks cap. In Germany. WTH. I just stood there staring, "where am I?"

    Next time they were at the barn, I gave him my cap. I admitted I've never watched football. He was floored.

    Later my husband told me that cap was a collectors item, registered (?) and such. Oh je.

    : ) The point is I was filled with happiness to see a Seahawks logo in Germany. And it wasn't just once. Each time, I want to run to them and say, hey! But this is Germany, you don't talk to strangers, and I am no poser, so I'm silently in awe.