Friday, November 20, 2020

hold my beer

For a short while the beginning of November felt like relief, we finally got some rain and some 79,585,494 Americans made an informed choice for change. 

Here, hold my beer, I don't have hands!
Then came "hold my beer."

thinking of our next adventure…
Seriously, the rest of this month has been peeking at the news between my clenched fingers and then running outside to distract myself by playing with my horse.

Major wonders where the race is?
Because when frustration levels reach a certain height there is nothing that can distract you except horse hair, sweat and pretty views.

rock dinosaur spine (it was 72 degrees in November, argh!)

We've still been working on increasing our ride length and difficulty to clear the months of smoke from our lungs. But just getting out has been great. 

Major LOVES the BLM donkeys (who are getting tame quite quickly)

Seen while horse hiking: I think the branch is full Mr. Woodpecker!

We had explored both directions from the stable, to the pond then to the lake shore, getting farther away every day. On one random day I let Major decide which way to head home, and from the lake trail he took an obscure little trail to access the rock trail (why oh why do I let him decide these things) where I had to duck and dodge low branches and poison oak and Major had a grand old time.

the smell of fall leaves, damp ground and horses

our fall is more subtle
On a weekday we trailered out to a pretty local park when there is actually a little fall color. I had my bandana mask that I pull up whenever I see people, and everyone was very polite but almost no one (maybe 10%?) had masks?!…sigh.

Major loves to annoy Sal, who is 30+ years old

poser with fall trees

Now that an actual fire-season ending (we hope!) rain has fallen things are a bit squishy, but it is nice and cooler and Major is ready to go. Yesterday it had only just stopped raining and when I drove up he practically threw himself out the gate, wanting out (he has an entire pasture, but getting out is much more fun). We just went for a short hike, but I can tell I may be in for a real hold-my-beer ride next time!

our fall colors are in the sky…

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  1. Your horse is gorgeous. Your state, less golden in this blog post *lol*