Monday, August 12, 2019

monday moment: yellow

I have no idea what this flower is, but this year the area we call the "cow pasture" is aglow with yellow. Major even seemed to contemplate the scenery for an instant.


  1. Hey, why didn't you tell me Star Trek Discovery was a thing? I thought it was an amateur rip-off or something. Two days ago someone told me it was great, and Netflix has a free intro month. I signed up yesterday and I'm shocked. 14 years I've gone without any new Star Trek series and it seems on par with what I'd expect (I hope, I'm only on episode 3). I made the stupid mistake of looking up the characther Rekha Sharma cuz I recognized her from Battlestar Galactica and saw some actor/character listings on IMDB that gave a huge spoiler.....AGH!

    Why didn't anyone on the internet ever say anything about Discovery? I'm afraid to ask...

    Um, is it a research ship or a war ship? This creepy captain dude has to go.

    1. Ummm, Star Trek fan, have you been sitting under a rock!? Ha! Discovery is great. I love Captain Lorca, creepy and all (not all captains as virtuous is great.) Enjoy, you’ve got 2 seasons to watch!!

  2. Hi. That's twice this week I've been told I'm under rocks: ) Interesting how they intrduce Stamets and Lorca as jerks but then evolve them.

    I was completely taken aback when they used the F word because that's not Star Trek. But on episode 5 (?) Lorca told Tyler, "Your mom was a teacher at Issaquah elementary. Seattle is 25 km west of Issaquah. So you're not from Seattle." That's where I lost it. Wish you'd have been here: )

    Cuz not only am I from Seattle, but my horse Baasha lived in Issaquah most of his life. Subtitles even spelled it correctly. (I watch subtitles in German.) Wow. My BIL who told me to watch the show said, "They wrote that in just for you."