Saturday, August 24, 2019

trusty steed

trusty steed on bareback ride last week
My 4-legged trusty steed has taken me many, many miles, with very few complaints (just a few shenanigans in there). I just got in the mail my AERC 250 mile recognition. It only took eight years! Obviously not a priority, but still nice to be recognized. When I count up trail miles we've done more than 6,000, and those miles count to me more than anything. All that time in the saddle, training and having fun (and hiking too!).

my 250 mile patch with a few other interests: star trek, crafts and toys! (this is my normal home desk!)

My other trusty steed just had a recognition of sorts too. My trusty Subaru Forester, 220,000 miles in 18 years! Gets me there (mostly) reliably, and is still pretty sprightly. The paint looks terrible, interior looks new (with a classic 6-CD changer!), transmission is sticky, but it is paid off and is the perfect car.

still going strong

so cute!

even the trees love it and don't fall on it (this was eek the other day!)
Not too big, not too small, hauls feed and tack and takes me to work every day. My truck is useful, but I love this car.

represent: seahawks and ALT national parks

two bags of feed and a new orange muck fork!

Here's to as many miles that are left in the old beast! Oh, and Major too!

This time the trash can might be filled with alfalfa! Gotta check every week.


  1. Congrats on the mileage - human + equine and automotive. You and Major are a great team, and teamwork makes the dream work!! ;D ;D ;D

    Okay - so on your desk - I’d love to know the story of the action figures, and omg is that a tiny light bright sporting unicorn art??!!!!

    1. My desk is a crazy hodgepodge of stuff: my action figures are from Star Trek, The Next Generation. One is the character Worf (because he is an awesome badass who lacks communication skills, and I can relate.) The other action figure is Captain Picard, but from the very last episode (called All Good Things…_) when he jumps into different life situations—this one is like 25 years in the future on his vineyard. Just my favorite show of all time!

      And yes, that is a tiny litebrite! It is so cute, I make different patterns when I'm sitting there (I don't like following directions so I don't use the pattern pages!) Good eyes to spot my tiny slightly-deformed unicorn!

  2. Good to know I don't have the only desk with toys and memorabilia (; And congrats on 250 miles! Didn't know you lived so close to the Tevis trails too

    1. Glad your desk is fun too! I'm lucky that I get to ride and train on the Tevis trails (and the plethora of other local trails) all the time.

  3. That little car is great! Makes me I still had my CRV!
    My truck isn’t even a year old and has two bashed fenders and a full set of “desert pinstripes “ from driving it through sagebrush on the east side. Something to be said for sturdy old cars! They don’t make em like they used to!

    1. Yeah, I never want a "new" car, nice to have a few dings so I'm not the first one to mess it up!