Monday, August 26, 2019

conversations with major: huh?

Hey Major?
Hi Mom!
Umm, you know you have something on your head?

What? I'm going to eat these scraps of hay.
No dude, you have something ON your head.
I have a flymask on. Can I go talk to Beau now?

I think it might run in your ear or something, I should really catch it.
Well, it just ran across your ear, down your neck and is now on your mane.
Do you have an apple?

Ok, now it is sitting on your withers.
What, a carrot?
No, the tiny lizard!
Huh, do you have flax treats in your pocket?
Got it! Here little lizard, go back on the safe ground.
Can we go for a walk now?

 (no lizards were harmed in the making of this blog post)


  1. oh my! could it have gone in his ear???

    1. That is what I was worried about, mainly because I'm sure even mellow Major wouldn't like that much! But all was well…lizard and horse survived.

  2. A lizard? How in the heck did it get on Major’s head? Very cute indeed!

    1. Maybe they're friends? I have no idea, I think it ran up his face and onto his mask from the ground hay he was eating. He didn't seem to mind!