Monday, May 27, 2019

conversations with major: supermodel

Hey Major, let's go for a quick hike.
Umm, or let's stay in my pasture!
I like my idea better.
I don't.
Well, I have the lead rope, so follow me.

Home is that way. Stop crouching and taking pictures!

I want to take some pretty pictures today Major, you can be my model!
I'm a SUPER model.
You are?
Yes, you always take pictures of me, and I'm super.
You're super something for sure.  
Can we go home now? 
We only just crossed the creek, so no. Hey, cool giant dandelion, stand there and pose.
And look longingly off camera…towards home?
Nevermind, let's keep walking.

here, hold my jacket, it is warmer than I thought.

Hmm, it's warmer than I thought, hold my jacket for me.
Dude, it's a little jacket.
Do I have to wear it all the way home?
With that attitude, maybe! Life is not that hard buddy, it's a three mile walk, less than an hour, not a Gilligan three-hour tour.
I don't know Gilligan, is he the new guy in the lower pasture?
No, it's long story little buddy, let's keep walking.

These orange monkey flowers sure look pretty, they almost match your halter. Le'ts take some pictures here!
They're not good to eat. Home. Pasture.
Not quite yet, can you at least look interested?
Sure. I am NOT interested in eating the yucky flowers. I AM interested in going home. 
Almost home, just a few photos.

supermodel uninterested face

I'm interested in going THAT way

and I'm outta here…
Yep, I'm done.
Wait Major, you don't just get to lead home.
But we're almost home, I'm missing dinner, and…
Dinner isn't for another hour.
Really? I guess maybe I could stay out here and have a little snack…
Sigh. I didn't think supermodels ate so much…

mmm, mossy!


  1. Does he ever take a bad picture? My gosh!

    1. Plenty! Maybe I should do an "ugly" day post!

  2. Major knows best lol.
    Love the dandelion pic! ❤️

    1. Yes, Major certainly thinks he knows best! The dandelion was awesome, like 6 inches across!